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Car Accidents

If I was talking to my neighbor and he was just in a car accident this is what I would tell him. 

Unless I was moderately to severely hurt in a car accident I would go to a primary care clinic first to make sure that my injuries were bad enough to warrant a visit to the local emergency room because they’re charging $25,000 no matter how minor the injuries are. They’re basically charging the same for a broken neck or a paper cut. No, I’m not kidding.

If I had minor to the low end of moderate injuries I would call (941) 460-0287 and be seen immediately by Gary for an injury assessment. After the injury assessment I would want to have myself as the doctor because I’ll order all the necessary scans at 1/50th the cost of what the hospital would charge. And, if needed, I’ll get you same day service with a medical doctor specialist. 

After the initial examinations and evaluations are completed, I follow the guidelines for the best practice from the Center for Disease Control utilizing a state licensed chiropractor, state certified in physical therapy, who has worked on car accident patients for over 25 years. I know which lawyers are best at assisting patients through insurance hurtles. 


same Day Service


Remember you have 14 days after the accident to be seen


Phone answered 24/7

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