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Top 10 Mistakes People Make After a Car Accident

  1. Failing to file a police report

  2. Failing to see a doctor right away

  3. Failing to tell the doctor where you feel pain

  4. Downplaying your level of pain with the doctor

  5. Failing to be regularly treated by your doctor

  6. Failing to do what your doctor tells you

  7. Thinking the insurance adjuster is your friend

  8. Talking with the insurance adjuster without a lawyer

  9. Waiting too long to hire a lawyer

  10. Not hiring the right lawyer


Most Important: if you are considering going to the ER after a car accident, call us for a phone consultation. We might be able to save you up to $30,000. We accept all car insurances.

*Phone answered 24/7*

What You Should do:

  1. Always file a police report and make sure you are listed on the police report

  2. In Florida, you need to see a doctor, visit a hospital or receive treatment from a paramedic within 14 days of the accident to have access to your Personal Injury Protection benefits

  3. Tell your doctor every place you feel pain

  4. Be honest about your level of pain

  5. If you have pain, seek treatment and don’t have huge gaps in between treatments/doctor visits

  6. Listen to your doctor and follow their instructions according to your treatment plan

  7. Consult with a lawyer before accepting any money

  8. Hire a lawyer before you talk with the insurance company

  9. Hire a lawyer immediately after a car accident

  10. Hire the right lawyer, not all lawyers are the same


Abraham S. Ovadia, Esq.

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