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My Training and Philosophy

I’m often asked how my education as a chiropractor compares with a medical doctor. Each has its own specialties but the hours of classroom instruction are about the same. Doctors of Chiropractic must also satisfy a demanding academic course that leads to a first professional degree requiring four years of undergraduate study leading to a BA or BS degree and then an additional five years of graduate study. Chiropractors must meet strict educational requirements, including approximately 1,000 hours of internship which qualifies them for licensure in all states.

Most health care practitioners take the same undergraduate core classes and they may even use the same text books. One difference is clinically medical doctors are taught to treat their patients using drugs as their main therapy while chiropractors are taught to use manual manipulation, physical therapy, massage therapy, along with nutrition and diagnostic testing to treat disease. I have worked in a couple of medical doctor’s offices so I have a pretty good idea for what is better treated with physical medicine as compared to being treated with drug therapy. I pride myself on only treating patients that have better outcomes under my care than a medical doctor’s care. And, if it’s warranted, I also refer them out for co-treatment with a medical doctor. Quite honestly, it is impossible for the average lay person to understand what is better treated with a medical doctor and what is better treated with a chiropractor in many instances.


It is for that reason that I offer a free 5 minute phone consultation to anyone who wonders if a chiropractor is a good choice for their ailments. If you’re in pain, call me!

If you are in need of relief from any of a wide range of ailments, pain, or suffering, don’t overlook the Doctor of Chiropractic.


Call me for a 5 minute consultation (941) 460-0287.

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