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Five Reasons People Consult Our Practice:

Which one will help you to decide to take action?

Obvious Spinal Problem

Most people connect chiropractic care with headaches, neck, upper and lower back problems. Our personal interest, here in Plummer Chiropractic is in the spine because it works with the nervous system that carries very important communications between the brain and the body.

Visceral or Organic Complaints

Some consult our practice for health problems that are not related to their backs at all. If the patient has subluxations, which means a partial dislocation, chiropractic care might be helpful and beneficial. And while personal research is extremely limited, we’ve had personal experiences with those suffering from being uncontrolled to wet the bed, asthma, colic, stomach problems, and other non back related issues. 

Everyone, no matter what age or condition, can benefit from a nervous system that is working at its very best, or be helped with a nervous system that's not working at its very best.

Natural Drug Free Health Care

Chiropractic uses very safe treatment techniques to treat the underlying problems. Those who wish to have treatments and adjustments without getting a handful of prescriptions forced in their hands for them to feed themselves for breakfast, lunch and dinner will come to our office because all of our practices are drug free and natural, without any use or need or surgery either. 

Maintenance and Prevention

If you’ve had chiropractic care elsewhere, you already know the problems that other chiropractic offices come with when it comes to scheduling or just adjusting your back so it feels good when you walk out the door but the very next day you're in pain again. Dr. Plummer will be honored to be your doctor and the doctor that actually helps fix your back problems and have those back problems that are fixed, stay fixed instead of ongoing.

Stay Well

We all experience life through our nervous system. Those who want to better their health that has to do with chiropractic or even weight loss, and to be all that they can be and perform at their absolute best being pain-free, should give us a call at (941) 460-0287.

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